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Your research paper will be written from scratch. Surveys in the United States and Europe have indicated alarming prevalence rates between 1. Non-psychological Approaches Some authors examine pharmacological interventions for IAD, perhaps due to the fact that clinicians use psychopharmacology to treat IAD despite the lack of treatment studies addressing the efficacy of pharmacological treatments.

Research paper author page custom essay station reviews. People who make excessive use of the Internet usually have the following symptoms: What are new ways people can use technology to change the world? There is debate about which came first, the addiction or the co-occurring disorder [ 1840 ].

Examples of this would be pornography sexual stimulationvideo games e. A few authors mentioned that physical exercise could compensate the decrease of the dopamine level due to decreased online usage [ 52 ].

When activated, dopamine release is increased, along with opiates and other neurochemicals. Internet addiction related symptom scores significantly decreased after a group of 23 Technology addiction research paper school students with IAD were treated with Behavioral Therapy BT or CT, detoxification treatment, psychosocial rehabilitation, personality modeling and parent training [ 70 ].

The theory is that digital technology users experience multiple layers of reward when they use various computer applications. What are the implications of ever-increasing globalization through technology to the global economy?

What do we do about frozen embryos that won't be used by the donating couple? Should we choose organ donation for ourselves and our loved ones? Despite these limitations, there is evidence that the program is responsible for most of the improvements demonstrated.

While the debate goes on about whether or not the DSM-V should designate Internet addiction a mental disorder [ 12 - 14 ] people currently suffering from Internet addiction are seeking treatment.

Internet addiction or abuse, can keep one from doing other, more productive activities and can skew their perception on what really matters in life or what their real priorities should be. Shek, Tang, and Lo [ 71 ] described a multi-level counseling program designed for young people with IAD based on the responses of 59 clients.

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Look over the topic lists below to find a question that interests you. Problematic Internet Use PIU [ 21 ], computer addiction, Internet dependence [ 22 ], compulsive Internet use, pathological Internet use [ 23 ], and many other labels can be found in the literature. When considering war, should we factor in the medical costs of soldiers who will return wounded?

Should "adopting" frozen embryos be encouraged more widely? In addition, sports exercise prescriptions used in the course of cognitive behavioral group therapy may enhance the effect of the intervention for IAD [ 53 ].

Should surrogates be used for any reason, or only for health reasons? You can look for more research articles at your school library or online at Google Scholar.

What is the best way to help solve the problem of a rising number of people with Type 2 diabetes in the U. The respondents questioned by the studies consistently underestimated the amount of time they spent on their online activities.

It was developed to help individuals give up addictive behaviors and learn new behavioral skills, using techniques such as open-ended questions, reflective listening, affirmation, and summarization to help individuals express their concerns about change [ 55 ].

People who misuse the Internet tend to spend a significant portion of their time to online activities — time they could normally spend with their family, or for their professional, educational, or social activity.

Some researchers and mental health practitioners see excessive Internet use as a symptom of another disorder such as anxiety or depression rather than a separate entity [e.Still looking for a source of inspiration for your technology addiction persuasive paper?

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20 Technology Addiction Articles to Support Your Persuasive Essay. Read 5 Best Sources to Help with Writing a Research Paper to learn how. The aim of this paper is to give a preferably brief overview of research on IAD and theoretical considerations from a practical perspective based on years of daily work with clients suffering from Internet addiction.

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Group Essay Technology Addiction. There are infinite things to do while on the Internet. This includes browsing and doing research, looking up the latest news or gossip, watching TV and movies, playing online games, social networking, and many other things.

It is therefore, no wonder that the Internet is so addictive. Technology Addiction. Still looking for a source of inspiration for your technology addiction persuasive paper?

Research paper on internet technology addiction

Keep reading! 20 Technology Addiction Articles to Support Your Persuasive Essay. Read 5 Best Sources to Help with Writing a Research Paper to learn how.

Technology addiction research paper
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