Summary far600 chapter 8

Current Issues and Future Directions, Editors: The definitions of income and expenses identify their essential features but do not attempt to specify the criteria that would need to be met before they are recognised in the income statement.

Previous information about an older- style Existence assertion an overstatement test has been tested from This is not due to bias, but rather to inherent difficulties either in identifying the transactions and other events to be measured or in devising and applying measurement and presentation techniques that can convey messages that correspond with those transactions and events.

The evaluation of benefits and costs is, however, substantially a judgmental process. Financial statements prepared on the accrual basis inform users not only of past transactions involving the payment and receipt of cash but also of obligations to pay cash in the future and of resources that represent cash to be received in the future.

Items that satisfy the recognition criteria should be recognised in the balance sheet or income statement. Such procedures are generally directed at restricting the recognition as income to those items that can be measured reliably and have a sufficient degree of certainty.

The substance of' transactions or other events is not always consistent with that which is apparent from their legal or contrived form.

Furthermore, the costs do not necessarily fall on those users who enjoy the benefits. It may also take the form of' convertibility into cash or cash equivalents or a capacity to reduce cash outflows, such as when an alternative manufacturing process lowers tile costs of production.

Categories of non-verbal communication. The elements directly related to the measurement of financial position are assets, liabilities and equity.

They need information to help them determine whether they should buy, hold or sell. However, a point to consider is that International Accounting Standards issued by the IASC should not be used as, or as the basis for, national standards for the sake of harmonisation, if it is not in the best interest of the national economy.

An asset is not recognised in the balance sheet when expenditure has been incurred for which it is considered improbable that economic benefits will flow to the enterprise beyond the current accounting period.

An asset is recognised in the balance sheet when it is probable that the future economic benefits will flow to the enterprise and the asset has a cost or value that can be measured reliably. Data gathered from online databases As the purpose of financial statements is to provide information that is useful for making economic decisions, the overriding criterion by which accounting choices can be judged is that of decision usefulness, that is, providing information that is the most useful for decision-making.

Too often, users assume that information is a cost free commodity. To be reliable, the information in financial statements must be complete within the bounds of materiality and cost.

Recognising the characteristics of the environment, financial reporting should provide information: Similarly, the absence of a related expenditure does not preclude an item from satisfying the definition of an asset and thus becoming a candidate for recognition in the balance sheet; for example, items that have been donated to the enterprise may satisfy the definition of an asset.

For example, the expected proceeds from a lawsuit may meet the definitions of both an asset and income as well as the probability criterion for recognition; however, if it is not possible for the claim to be measured reliably, it should not be recognised as an asset or as income; the existence of the claim, however, would be disclosed in the notes, explanatory material or supplementary schedules.

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A liability is a present obligation of the enterprise arising from past events, the settlement of which is expected to result in an outflow from the enterprise of resources embodying economic benefits.

The balance between benefit and cost is a pervasive constraint rather than a qualitative characteristic. Nothing in this framework overrides any specific MASB accounting standard. This distinction is made on the basis that the source of an item is relevant in evaluating the ability of the enterprise to generate cash and cash equivalents in the future; for example, incidental activities such as the disposal of a long-term investment are unlikely to recur on a regular basis.

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FAR CHAPTER 8 Principle in Accounting, and Recognition DEFENCE OF HISTORICAL COST ACCOUNTING i. Historical cost is relevant in making economic present 3 reasons historical cost is relevant for making decision *.

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4 Combating desertification through direct seeding mulch-based cropping systems (DMC). View Notes - Chapter 5 COMPARING TWO MEAN DIFFERENCE(HYPOTHESIS TESTING & INTERVAL ESTIMATION) Updated from ACCOUNTING at MARA University of Technology.

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Summary far600 chapter 8
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