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SMC revamped the selling and distribution organization resulting in higher distribution efficiency, improved coverage of key accounts, greater pricing stability and reduced overall costs. BySMC sales exceeded a billion pesos for the first time and profits topped the hundred-million-peso mark.

This project is in partnership with elementary public schools and barangay day care centers wherein teachers and parents assist in the implementation of the program. The composting site is a roofed concrete housing in a dark environment conducive to worms.

More importantly, it improves the performance and effi ciency of air pollution source equipment. A total of 25, It also ranks as the most recyclable packaging material in the world today.

We will carry into new markets our over a century-old tradition of quality and integrity. The company endeavors to prevent pollution and minimize waste through the implementation of a number of environmental policies related to energy efficiency, water resource conservation, waste management and reduction of CO2 emission in all our units.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The fruit is San miguel csr to the graters, which extract the oil. Buenaventura Executive Director Jennifer E. Aside from feeding programs for children, we also have community clinics that serve patients suffering from various ailments such as diabetes, tuberculosis and other cardiovascular diseases, and hold medical missions that give free medical and dental health services.

Consumers will take pleasure in reaching for our products and services because they are the best value for money. Waste Ink Reuse at San Miguel Rengo Packaging Corporation — In the printing of corrugated carton boxes, the ink formulated purposely for a specifi c requirement usually has leftovers, which can be used only for the same type of job.

In case of emergency situations, such as SARS and dengue, a task force is created to respond to the immediate concern to protect the health of the employees. Inthe company acquired the Oriental Brewery and Ice Company and transformed the building into an ice plant and cold storage; later the Royal Soft Drinks Plant.

Each facility also has its own clinic. Two years later, five other plants were opened: To achieve greater self-sufficiency in its operations, the firm opened a new plant in to produce carbon dioxide for its soft drinks products and dry ice for the refrigeration needs of its ice cream products.

Membership And Contributions Aside from directly implementing social development programs, San Miguel Corporation is an active member or a major contributor to the following organizations: Crates rendered defective through handling and usage are condemned, crushed, reduced to pellet size, and now recycled to make San Miguel Beer green crates.

The forum also serves as a venue for the staff of different plants to interact and exchange ideas. Education SinceSMB has been conducting supplemental feeding programs to elementary schools within its host communities nationwide. The project empowers local government unit leaders with the tools to oversee progress in their respective locations.

That same year, SMC moved to its new head office in Mandaluyong. For the past years, it has helped build an environmental network within the San Miguel Group. His reign, however, was cut short when Marcos was toppled in Membership And Contributions Aside from directly implementing social development programs, San Miguel Corporation is an active member or a major contributor to the following organizations: SMB epitomizes its brand of corporate citizenship by caring beyond business through sharing the benefits it derives from the society.

The health of every employee is a main concern. The plant has a central segregation area for solid waste and used oil. Its flexibility lies in the loan purpose, amount, and guidelines.

They receive different care: Employees normally remain working with the Corporation because of their feeling that SMC cares. During the s, San Miguel began investing in businesses overseas. PET is already being recycled abroad into second-generation products, such as T-shirts, windbreakers, sleeping bags, carpets and athletic shoes, among other things.

On farms phytosanitary treatment, pruning, irrigation and plant nutrition is done by controlling their sustainable management until the fruit is ready to be harvested.

San Miguel CSR Essay

Health Our company aims to address the country's problem of inequity in access to basic healthcare services and proper nutrition through programs that cater to residents of our host communities. Our food and beverage brands will be in every household and every retail outlet.

Employee programs that help reduce absenteeism actually save the Corporation money as they encourage increased productivity. Early success led to the expansion of the business and Barretto decided to incorporate his brewery. We will carry into new markets our over a century-old tradition of quality and integrity.

In12, metric tons of solid waste sold generated an income of P4,Inthe company's name was changed to San Miguel Corporation (SMC) and moved to a new head office along Ayala Avenue in Makati.

Andrés Soriano died on December 30, At the time of his death, Soriano had parlayed his family's vast San Miguel fortune into mining, dairies, factories, a newspaper and a radio station. COMMUNITY PLUS (CSR) Charity As a responsible corporate citizen, San Miguel is dedicated to support charitable and non-profit organizations.

We coordinate closely with various district boards, welfare associations and government departments to ensure the widest coverage and maximum benefits to those concerned. We proactively identify those. San Miguel Brewery Inc.

40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines P.O. Box Manila, Central Post Office Philippines Facebook Twitter.

CSR San Miguel Corporation - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.5/5(3). Corporate Social Responsibility Sharing our plate with others As a corporate citizen, the San Miguel Food Group recognizes its responsibility in helping create a better world, starting with the areas where the business operates.

For San Miguel Corporation, integrity, teamwork, respect for others and social responsibility are just a few of its corporate values that guide them everyday.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through its corporate social responsibility arm, San Miguel Foundation Incorporated, San Miguel Corporation proactively reaches out to others to bring forth change that will enable.

San miguel csr
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