Must the youth be blamed for indiscipline in the society

Welcoming means more than just greeting. Strolling in a carefree way to attract attention does not leave a good impression.

Without a commitment to change from the child, there is little hope that any intervention will have lasting results. Parent, spiritual leaders, political leaders, teachers,in fact, everybody has murdered sleep and we either sleep with one eye closed or we no longer sleep at all.

The effects of indiscipline among the youth are manifold. Wrong friend choices can make really good kids make really poor choices As a teacher those are the main things that come to my mind at the moment.

Some of us have no time to spend with our kids since we either work too much or we are busy following our own dreams. General consensus is that the values that have influenced morality are instilled inside the family, and that it is improved family values that will reverse the current trend.

How t…hat person is greeted by society is a societal decision. In anticipation of the end of the day, pupils take less care over their work and may lose commitment, as thoughts turn to what they have to do after the lesson, e.

What Are The Effects Of Indiscipline Among The Youth?

It is often the cause of a lot of mental, emotional and also physical damage. As people can emulate violent videos games they can emulate violent movies, comic b…ooks, etc. It is through the peer groups that the youth learn drug abuse, which has given birth to not only robbery but also massive violence in society.

Ghana: Society to Blame for Youth Indiscipline

Sincerely speaking this is nothing, but an acute indiscipline in the youth. An undisciplined child is an uncontrollable child and can do just about any damage when he or she does not get whatever he or she wants. Some would argue that parents, teachers and society should shoulder some of the blame for the indiscipline currently evident amongst today's youth.

The reason for this is survival for the existence. But you cannot hit. There are plenty of societies where the puberty mark is when they are married off or go it alone. But he was of the view that such disciplinary measures should not "send the children out of the classroom".

Teaching is a tough job, though not impossibly so. MERGE exists and is an alternate of. In school, limits are rules. If parents won't do it who will? Please stop doing it. Yes, indiscipline is a behavioral disorder that is classified as an act of delinquency. Parents seem more afraid of children and they do not seem to realise that by constantly giving in to their demands they are making them uncontrollable and undisciplined.

Student's academic insecurities 3. Are the leading cause of death among high-school youths? But the tension in the home can skyrocket. Students rarely see as viable any choice that they perceive as a violation of their values or culture or of the values or culture of their friends especially boy- and girlfriendsparents, or other teachers.

If you respond with understanding, encouragement, and a gentle but firm push to keep trying, the student will most likely see the reversal as temporary and continue to work toward lasting change. There must be a total revolution in our ways of life and sense of value.

Indiscipline means lack of discipline ,lack of control, lack of proper training;it means unruly behavior ,disobedient ,disorder. Ndebugre also identified the absence of what he called? Their indiscipline in school therefore is a search for a solution, which is nothing but only dismissal.

Kids are supposed to push boundaries at this point to find what is true and what is myth.Society is also to blame as the current education system does not prepare a child for employment. The curriculum is so varied that children are not gaining enough practical knowledge.

Children are the gifts of God to parents. That young child will in no time at all grow up to become a resposible future leader if he is well catered for.

Therefore whatever they learn or grow up with is what they will act upon in their. That Has Afflicted Our Society Ex-President J.J. Rawlings has been accused of being largely responsible for the indiscipline that has afflicted the Ghanaian society.

The effects of indiscipline among the youth are manifold. Indiscipline is defined as a lack of discipline. Some of the effects of indiscipline among the youth include lack of respect for teachers, parents and other senior figures.

Some would argue that parents, teachers and society should shoulder. some of the blame for the indiscipline and disrespect amongst today’s youths.

The norms and values of each. community must be transmitted and maintained in order for indiscipline and disrespect to be curbed.

Rawlings Must Be Blamed For The Indiscipline

If we desire the appreciation of others, we have to exemplify that respect. You find in today’s society some leaders who are corrupt and immoral, if these leaders come to advice the youth, the youth may not listen to them or may a contrary of what they are saying just as a demonstration to them.

Urban Drift Much is to blame for indiscipline among the urban dwelling youth, the availability of cheap drugs such as. Indeed, to wage a successful war against indiscipline in our society all hands must be on must all be must be a total revolution in our ways of life and sense of value.

Must the youth be blamed for indiscipline in the society
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