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When there is an excess of enzyme molecules, an increase in the substrate concentration, produces a corresponding increase in the rate of reaction. Deuterium, present in ordinary hydrogen to the extent of 0. We will write a custom essay sample on Hydrogen Report Order now More Essay Examples on The melting point and boiling point of the two forms differ slightly from those of ordinary hydrogen.

Hence hydrogen is often used as a theoretical model for more complex atoms, and the results are applied qualitatively to other atoms. Hydrogen reacts with many nonmetals. As part of innumerable carbon compoundshydrogen is present in all animal and vegetable tissue and in petroleum.

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Hydrogen has a boiling point of This is because as the concentration of catalase increases, more enzyme-substrate complexes will be formed and there will be fewer hydrogen peroxide molecules that are free, thus causing the rate of reaction to increase at a slower rate.

Extremes of pH will denature some enzymes. All acids contain hydrogen. A hydrogen based transport system has the potential to play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Also, because heat is given, it provide another source of energy to get the reaction started, so that enough molecules reach the activation energy and collide successfully which cause the reaction rate to increase.

Three ways of obtaining hydrogen are electrolysis of water, displacing it from the water molecular by the use of a metal, and the production of hydrogen by bacteria. The vehicles will emit only steam but no green-house gas. Free hydrogen is found only in very small traces in the atmosphere, but solar and stellar spectra show that it is abundant in the sun and other stars, and is, in fact, the most common element in the universe.

Hydrogen is considered as a highly efficient fuel. With only a few hours you can convert Just about any car to hydrogen ,some pros and cons about hydrogen are pros-better gas mileage, safer, more efficient, more abundant, and easy to Install.

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This allows them to drive short distances on electricity-only, switching to liquid fuel for longer trips. Use compressor, to compress hydrogen up to pipe line pressure.

Electricity is also energy carrier. However, the hypothesized graph will have a concave down as seen in figure 2. Hydrogen is known to exist in three isotopic forms.Hydrogen bonding, interaction involving a hydrogen atom located between a pair of other atoms having a high affinity for electrons; such a bond is weaker than an ionic bond or covalent bond but stronger than van der Waals forces.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Essay Words | 19 Pages. Hydrogen Fuel Cell The Hydrogen Fuel Cell could revolutionize the world. This ingenious technology, which creates electricity from the chemical reactions of hydrogen and oxygen has, in its year history, passed many of the critical tests along the path from invention to innovation.

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A hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle is powered by a group of individual fuel cells, known as a fuel cell agronumericus.com stack is designed to contain enough cells to provide the necessary power for the automotive application.

The effect of catalase concentration on the rate of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide Essay

A fuel cell stack produces power as long as fuel is available, similar to a combustion engine.

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