History of chinese opium trade and

Between and the illegal importation of opium theoretically a capital offence increased five fold. Consumption of poppy seeds can produce a positive result on drug tests. Consumption of poppy seeds can produce a positive result on drug tests. Destruction of opium at Humen and Treaty of Nanking In compensation for the opium destroyed by Commissioner Lin British traders demanded compensation from their home government.

Opium trade

China had to pay further reparations, this time ten million taels, to each of France and Britain, and another two million taels to British merchants for destruction of property. Only the latter's opium could balance the deficit.

Opium Dens Opium dens were established as sites to buy and sell opium. Start Quiz Opium Wars Quiz - 1 of 4 What was the main product that caused Great Britain to go into a trade deficit with China by the early 19th century?

Second Opium War Despite the new ports available for trade under the Treaty of Nanking, by Britain's imports from China had reached nine times their exports to the country. Lin destroyed the confiscated opiuma total of some 1, long tons 1, ta process which took 23 days.

The Chinese capitulated, permitting all foreigners with passports to travel freely in China, and granting Chinese who converted to Christianity full property rights. Recently, opium has been grown in Latin America, notably Colombia and Mexico.

The Second Opium War he outbreak of fresh hostilities under such circumstances was almost inevitable because Chinese officials were extremely reluctant to enact the terms of the treaties of Opium has been used for recreational purposes since at least the 15th Century in India, China and Persia.

At the same time British imperial finances came under further pressure from the expense of administering the burgeoning colonies of Hong Kong and Singapore in addition to India. Over the next two years, the British forces bombarded forts, fought battles, seized cities, and attempted negotiations.

The British also claimed the ship was flying the Red Ensign at the time. In the second Opium War —60 —fought between a British-French alliance and China—the Chinese government was forced to legalize the trade, though it did levy a small import tax on opium. Poppy Seeds for Cooking Poppy seeds for use in cooking can be purchased at local markets.

More people are now using more Heroin then Opium itself for recreational use.

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Inthe Chinese agreed—on paper—to a series of western demands contained in documents like the Treaty of Tientsin.

The unequal treaties that western powers imposed on China undermined the ways China had conducted relations with other countries and its trade in tea. Now the commoner, Yang, dares to bring it into the Forbidden City. In addition, the Treaty of Nanjing ended the Canton System that had been in place since the 17th century.

For many years, Great Britain worked within this system to run a three country trade operation: By the late s, foreign merchant vessels, notably those of Britain and the United States, were landing over 30, chests annually.After years of failed attempts to rid the country of opium, the Chinese are finally successful in convincing the British to dismantle the India-China opium trade.

Dec. 17, Opium: The Downfall of Imperial China. We tend to think of the "drug problem" as a modern phenomenon. But a century ago, illegal drugs brought an end an empire that had lasted for thousands of years.

InChina was the home of a sophisticated culture and a rich history.


In light of the British addiction to Chinese exports (silk, ceramics and tea), opium was the only commodity that saved the British balance of payments with Asia from ruinous deficit.

Marchant argues that mid-century British merchants in China believed that a ‘just war’ should be fought to defend progress. Anyways, the Chinese were tired of everybody smoking and being addicted Opium. In an effort to suppress the Opium trade, the Chinese emperor, Emperor Daoguang, commissioned Lin Zexu, a Chinese official, to go to Canton to try and end the importation of the illicit drug once and for all.

China played a major role in this trade as it was the sole producer and consumer of tea and opium involved in the trade. The East India Company occupied the Indian states of Bihar and Bengal and expanded trade through the port of Calcutta.

The Opium Wars in the midth century were a critical juncture in modern Chinese history. The first Opium War was fought between China and Great Britain from to In the second Opium War, from toa weakened China fought both Great Britain and France.

China lost both wars.

History of chinese opium trade and
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